We can help you design and prep for mass production.

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Utilize our brand management & back office teams.

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Inventory, assembly, stocking & fulfilment. We do it all.

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Everything You Need Under One Roof

We have all the tools, equipment and experience needed to cut, bend, weld, powder coat, 3D print and more all under one roof.

We offer a full suite of services & continually invest in a wide variety of the latest, most powerful equipment to grow our partners ideas into successful companies. Warehouse or outsourced manufacturer fulfillment, even on demand order fulfillment.

  • CAD Design, 3d Scanning, Prototyping
  • Cut/Bend/Weld/Powder Coat
  • Part Procurement, Inventory Management, Assembly, Fulfillment
  • Branding, Marketing, Back Office Resources
  • ISO 9001 Certified

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Reasons Why Should You Choose Us

We know how to bring products to mass production

We are equipped to meet all your needs with prompt, reliable, professional services since we continually invest in a wide variety of the latest, most powerful equipment. Our shop is in Bellville, Texas and our products are made in America.

Creative Team Members

We invest in our people, which is why our team is made up of only the most experienced technicians and artisans. Rest assured that our team will treat your project as if it were their own.

Everything You Need

In House


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Client Profiles

Raket Designs Roof Racks

RAKET was created with the idea of building a multi-purpose roof rack for the 6G ...

Portable Signal Units for Bolton Technical

Battery Powered, Portable Cellular and WiFi Unit for Emergency and Rapid Deployment: Brought to you ...

Armadillo Designs 6g Bronco Hardtops

A central coast start-up founded in 2019 by two college students. Armadillo Designs was founded ...

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